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B&G Forestry, LLC has extensive experience in the urban wildland interface on several major wildfires in different states. We specialize in fire prevention, detection, suppression and mitigation while also supplying disaster clean up, mechanical fire suppression and disaster relief services. We can provide direct and indirect bulldozer lines, safety zone construction, bulldozer line and safety zone rehabilitation, and all BAER (burn area emergency response) related tasks.

With the increase of wildland fires and natural disasters in general, B&G Forestry, LLC is keeping pace with these, and other related changes in USFS, by modifying our application and response processes. All personnel receive continuing education with updated training in order to remain on the industry's cutting edge. In addition, we are securing more personnel and relevant equipment.

Core Competencies

  • Wildfire support and cleanup
  • Disaster mitigation
  • Land clearing
  • Mechanical fire suppression
  • Disaster relief
  • BAER (burn area emergency response)
  • Safety zone construction


B&G Forestry, LLC stands out because of our extensive experience and training. We are well known in our industry for expert heavy equipment operation in service of mechanized wildland firefighting. We further differentiate ourselves from other companies as a result of our certifications as wildland fire firefighters. All personnel have the minimum wildland fire firefighter certifications and training. In addition, principal personnel also have more advanced training and certifications. Our teams' certifications include but are not limited to I100, S130, L180, S190, S211, S215, S236, 131, and ignition specialist.

We seek contracts for where we can be of service in any or all areas of our expertise. We serve USFS Regions 1 (Nothern Rockies), 2 (Rocky Mountain), and 3 (Southwest), and also nationally.

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